Do you have broken toys,

 we will repair for free

Abiko toy hospital

A toy is revived ! All Children smile again !
The Abiko Toy Hospital is a volunteer group for repairing toys.
We'd like to breath new life into toys which are broken or didn't work in the child's presence.
We want to make many children smile by fixing their broken toys.

Hospital superintendent Dr. Tokuya Murakami
Medical Care FREE
Could you bear the expense of
  a replacement part ( 50 yen - 300 yen )


hospital opening Schedule  

To Japanese schedule guide
(will be updated from time to time. Please note.) 


Please approve the following items before applying.
・Those which do not fit to the gist of the hospital of the toy  

   refuse acceptance.
・The volunteers are not obligated to repair.
・We can not fix all of the toy of your request.
・Repair is free. However, materials processing, replacement of

   parts the actual cost of should be borne. (The majority is

   settled in under 300yen).
・There are worse examples of symptoms by decomposition.
・We does not do all guarantee compensation concerning those

   which were repaired.
・We will contact as soon as completed the treatment of

   hospitalized toys.
・We requests your Pick up within two weeks from the contact.
・We will dispose of those passed than 2 weeks from the contact.


Contact with us

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  Guidance of the "Abiko toy hospital"
Conventionally, when Grow a heart to cherish the "Abiko toy library" in things, it is open the hospital of toys, broken toys, toy treatment and that became a failure, it had advised the repair of way .
"Abiko toy hospital" is a collection of  "Toy Doctor"  of 2013 Abiko city resident, launched a "
Abiko toy hospital " voluntary organization,
This hospital is approved by the March 2013 Abiko City Social Welfare Council as a "volunteer citizen action groups" we have reached the present.

The purpose
   Through the "repair of toys", and nurture a "heart to cherish the things" to children at the same time, taking advantage of our wealth of experience and knowledge and technology, and a member of the leaders of the social welfare activities of the region helping each other is each other At the same time comes, to carry out volunteer activities for the purpose of that measure the "improvement of vitality" of our own. Abiko toy hospital, Cooperation and helping each other, is a volunteer organization that desire to send a rich life is to contribute to the community through the repair of toys.

management of "Abiko-toy-hospital"
Toy Doctor training course held, training toys Doctor
technology exchange meetings for Doctor mutual technology improvement